Once upon...
a fairy tale

follow me on my magical path


My name is Yza de Burbure.

As a "Child Whisperer"©, I use the magic and the power of fairy tales to communicate and play with children, big and small, and through this channel I sow little seeds into their mind. I help Parents to creatively connect with their children as to give them the possibility to build awareness. I am a Certified Clinical Psychologist for children and adolescence, initiated and certified by Stephen Gilligan (The American Institute for Generative Hypnosis) in Generative Trance, I have acquired the tools to coach parents and be a creative listener. Originally from Belgium, I have been travelling on all the continents, almost.

Born in Ghent, Belgium, I’ve been living in San Fransico, Vancouver, Danang, Ho-Chî-Minh City, Manilla, Brussels, Beijing. I am also an actress, performer, initiated Montessori teacher, mother of 3…

Take a Deep Breath, Smile go slowly


StoryTelling for kids

Fairy Tales have their own way on young minds, it helps them to secure who they are within this immense chaos they experience inside their body. Fairy Tales guide them on how to consciously construct their individuality in the world they have been brought onto. With "Once Upon A… Fairy Tale" I tell Fairy Tales in my own creative and enchanting way; and as such I give the children the possibility to play, draw, dance, express themselves through the tales, in a very creative way. The children are becoming aware through play, to act and express their emotions, give voice to the inner chaos that sometimes takes place as the child is trying to understand who he/she is. I help the child to construct his true self, bring him the possibility to build his creativity, self-confidence, cognitive development, social interaction and cooperation.

Teacher's / Parent Workshop

"…Fairy Tales are like little seeds that one plants in the child’s mind in order for them to become stern trees… Some of those seeds will germinate and do their work instantly in the child’s conscious state of mind, others will stimulate processes in the unconscious mind and others still, will have a long sleeping period until the child’s mind is ready to process the information it contains, and some others will never take root. But the seeds that did fall into fertile soil, will give power to important emotions and feelings, they will open new perspectives, feed hopes, reduce fear and by this enrich the life of the child, here and now, and forever."

Bruno Bettelheim, Psychoanalyst, "Uses of Enchantment"

Through the workshops, I help the parents, teachers or caregivers, to become more conscious in their education habits and as such help them to help their children to help themselves.

Parental Coaching

…"From my own experience I have been able to guess that Fairy Tales constitute the major centerpieces to the construction of ones own personnality. Fairytales are first of all a work of art!…"

Goethe (1749 - 1832) Poet, novelist, natural philosopher, diplomat ).

As a parent the most important education is to help the child to help himself! Through coaching I'm helping the parent to discover their inner child and as such using it as a tool for better communication with their children. I help the parents finding the awareness to connect with their children so that they can have more empowered children.

Creative consciousness, analysis of fairy tales, Non Violent communication, EQ approach… are all the tools that help me, help the parents to better understand the mastery of parenthood.


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